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new community

welcome to a new community! .. if you are so inclined.

I've opened this community to create a forum for updates, feedback and discussion about Hayao Miyazaki's 1983 pocket watercolor manga Shuna no Tabi/シュナの旅 (Shuna's Journey or The Journey of Shuna). This short, lovely work is considered by many to be a precursor to Miyazaki's manga masterpiece, Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind--in fact, one can also find parallels between it and other Miyazaki films.

I host pages of the book at and have for several years. Here's some history on the project:

I've been in the process of "scanlating" this work off and on since 2000, when I bought two copies of the book by mail from Nikaku Animart (which I don't believe carries it any longer). In 2000, I scanned, flopped, retouched, and "translated" the first sixty-one pages at a pitiful resolution, using a subpar scanner. After posting pages 4-61, I lost interest with the project.

In 2003, when I bought a new scanner, I decided to start again--from scratch. Each new page was 700 pixels wide (what I determined to be a good width for a webcomic-like presentation) in much superior color with a lot more attention paid to the retouching and detail aspect.

I tailed off again until April of last year, when I renewed work with a frenzy. Again, my interest dropped off.

Throughout the years, I've gotten emails from all over North America and Europe from people interested in this project and my continuation of this project. I'm not very good at responding to emails, so I thought I would start this LiveJournal community for some ease of communication. Here I will post updates--as well as notices, if I happen to decide to go on hiatus again. In addition, I may post sneak peeks at upcoming pages or before-and-after images of retouching work of which I'm especially proud.

I encourage you to join and read along, or even open threads of discussion about this wonderful little manga--its imagery, its story elements, its parallels and its history.

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