the word nazi (mianne) wrote in shuna_no_tabi,
the word nazi

announcing a break

Hi Shuna readers,

I'm putting Shuna on a little break of (hopefully) no more than a week.

So here's the story. I've pretty much run out of pages to post. What's more, I've just started work on the fifth chapter, "To the Land of the God Men," and a very large percentage of the images in that chapter straddle both pages, making retouching a LOT more time consuming. Knitting the two sides of the image together takes a lot of time.

I also have a ton of things going on not related to Shuna. I'm taking the GRE in two days and there will be a family guest in the house and I'm getting into a remodeling project along with some drawings.

So things are pretty busy. I don't expect this to last as long as a few months, but if next Tuesday rolls around and I still don't have anything posted, I'll let you know.

I'm very sorry. :\

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